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Issue 3 Signed First Edition Cover

December 2021

Digitally Signed by

Price: 15 ADA

Mintage: 100


Token Distribution


These NFT’s are digital collectibles and have no implied utility

The Policy features a 2.5% royalty on transactions completed on certain marketplaces

Please note on occasion some images/graphics used may be stock images but only with full permission

Only send ADA from a Shelley Era wallet (Eg. Daedalus, Yoroi, NAMI, ect) and NOT FROM EXCHANGES

All sales are final, refunds are not possible (except in the case of sending the wrong amount of ADA, or selling out after sending)

Please check your local laws before purchasing

To Mint a Signed First Edition Cover, please send exactly 15 ADA to the address below

1 mint per transaction (if you would like to mint multiple, please send 15 ADA and then repeat the process)

Payment address will be visible here when the next Signed First Edition Cover is available to mint 

Policy ID: 739c0f705bfd6897f95f99ff22d89e263eefba37418bb180ee575ad9

Thank you for supporting CNFT MAG

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