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YDESH art is mostly about contrast and accentuation.

For example, people feel colder after leaving a warm room. So, in my works, you get to see life beside death, darkness against light, vanity versus peace, and tranquillity with an impending threat next to it.

In regard to the technical aspect of my art, I believe that anyone can acquire drawing skills with practice. However, the harder part is to pursue your own personal investigations when dealing with the design, concept, atmosphere, and storytelling.

When I start working on a piece, I try to finish it in one session. I then check it again in a few days, and refine it. This is because in many cases it is really hard to recreate the mood I had when I started it.

After joining the CNFT community, art became my work, hobby, and lifestyle. I’m so grateful for my supporters and their feedback and appreciation of my work.

Impersonation YDESH image


Valley of Despair YDESH image

'Valley of Despair'

'Abyss Watcher'

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