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Worlds Within

Worlds Within is the very first VR NFT on Cardano. As a group of VR and Cardano enthusiasts, we wanted to create an interactive NFT that was fully VR capable on launch. Every world is completely unique, and no world is the same. From a Mushroom forest covered in fog to a flat scenic landscape, we wanted to create worlds that would feel like a new home that you can explore. So far, we have added multiple new features since launch, including a viewer and explorer that lets you link your wallet, so you can easily transition between the worlds you already own.

For Q1 of this year we will be adding avatars, these avatars will be basic at first, but we hope to collaborate with other projects to use other NFTs as those avatars. We are also looking ahead to Q2 where we are going to introduce Multiplayer, we hope that users can bring their friends into their worlds and explore it with them whether you are in VR, desktop, or mobile. The future of Cardano based Metaverses is bright, and we hope to be the ones to shine that light the brightest.

Worlds Within CNFT image

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