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Pavia is an upcoming Metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain, users will be able to build and host experiences on their plots for others to enjoy

So far the team has successfully sold out 2 of the 3 land sales with over 60,000 land parcels now held in over 6,000 unique wallets. The 2nd land sale brought a record number of collectors trying to purchase the CNFTs, selling out within minutes and resulting in millions of ADA in refunds for the team to process to those who were unsuccessful in the drop

Along with the added benefit of more real estate, owners of Estates (3×3 plots) can also host an image that is visible on the main Pavia map, however this feature will soon be available to holders of single plots. Other upcoming features include adding Social Media Tags to plots, a messaging function and improvements to the map

PAVIA map image

The last land sale is widely expected to take place sometime in the New Year. While competition between buyers will be strong, this is surely one to keep an eye on

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