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MusicBox: The story behind the ChequeBox

ChequeBox is a MusicBox we created for those who participated in our drop on November 12th and were unintentionally involved in what will be remembered as the “Is this even an NFT at this point?” drop.

We hope that by sharing our story, new projects will better prepare for their drop and turn around a shit situation into a fruitful one.

We decided to do a small drop of 600 boxes to test the waters and score a definite “SOLD OUT”.
Things looked very optimistic, we had a minor hiccup a few hours before the designated time, but our beloved dedicated dev team tackled it quickly. It was time to open the gates for everyone. image

One major problem that night was an error received via our 3rd party API. Between 20:01 – 20:05, some buyers did not receive their NFT despite the transaction taking place and presented which NFT’s they were supposed to receive

On our side, said transaction also received a TX ID, thus confirming it was indeed minted.

A few hours later, when people still did not receive their NFT, we decided to move into plan B and sort these bad transactions manually (~16 buyers).
So we prepared the wallets, the box id’s that needed to be sent and started sending them manually.

That is where the most significant error took place – a confusing wording (“value” instead of “quantity”, for that matter) caused an unfortunate human error, and we accidentally sent 22 million of the same box (respectively) to each buyer. It goes without saying that while most of our community treated this accident rather graciously, some took the time to bash us for being unprofessional, a cash-grab, etc. We knew we fucked up and rushed to rectify the situation by asking everyone who received 22 million boxes to return them to us to burn them.

Within 48 hours, we managed to get rid of all the “22M” duplicates.

As a gratitude for their effort and incredible support and trust in us, we wanted to make something for them to laugh about, spread, and remember in a different light.

It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s crucial to stand behind your errors and not hide from them. and most importantly, as Einstein once said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

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