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I originally worked with acrylic and watercolour painting before working with digital art. I love drawing or painting portraits and experimenting with colour theory and abstraction. Digital art has become more of a preference for me recently, as i don’t feel limited in what I can create

My art mainly revolves around a figure or person, mainly women. I think this stems out of my love for people. I love getting to know people and hearing their stories and understanding what makes them them. And when it comes to my art, I love the combination of textures, colours, and lines and how they reveal not only one’s physical beauty, but there’s an emotion and aspect of personality with it too.

The CNFT community has been so amazing and welcoming. Beyond how crazy the selling experience has been, it’s the friendly and supportive interactions that keep me inspired and motivated to keep going.

Sunrise Smoke Break moonbeamer image

'Sunrise Smoke Break'

Into the Bleu moonbeamer image

'Into the Bleu'

Midnight Smoke Break moonbeamer image

'Midnight Smoke Break'

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