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Matthew Jura

PAGES by Matthew Jura are a series of high-quality and detail-focused CNFT artworks that are released every month. Each work represents a certain point in the history of the Cardano Community.

Together, all PAGES will make up a future book that will be then available to all PAGE holders as a token to redeem for a physical copy or to trade on the secondary markets.

So far, 6 PAGES have been released:

  • MCJ001: Block Explorers 11th August 21
  • MCJ002: $ADA Summer 23rd August 21
  • MCJ003: CBits Collection 2nd September 21
  • MCJ004: Alonzo HFC 2nd October 2021
  • MCJ005: Ghost Chain 13th November 2021
  • MCJ006: HOSKY Mania 18th December 2021
Matthew Jura PAGES image


Matthew Jura Page 5 GhostChain

'Ghost Chain'

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