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Over the previous month the CNFT Community has witnessed the rise of $HOSKY a self proclaimed premium s**t coin, the first on Cardano

With a supply of 1 Quadrillion (50% of which is earmarked for Mr Hoskinson himself), there is no short supply of $HOSKY however this hasn’t stopped the community going all in with over 32,000 wallets now holding at least one $HOSKY.

The token has been distributed to the community in a rather unique way, Buyers have to send 2 ADA to the ‘Doggie Bowl’, in return then receive a random allocation of $HOSKY based on the current tier. Transactions can only be sent one at a time, this is to encourage decentralization of the token in the hope of getting it in to as many wallets as possible.

$hosky logo image

The sales of these tokens have tested the Cardano network and its resilience multiple times, resulting in a record number of transactions and week long backlogs, however the popularity of $HOSKY seems only to increase.

Right from the start the team behind $HOSKY made it clear that the token is not intended to have any utility nor value and have in fact stated that it is designed to remain at $0, however this has not stopped the token changing hands on the secondary market with exchanges taking places via escrow on Discord servers and on DEX’s such as ‘Muesli Swap’

Hosky also recently announced their self-titled ‘C(ash grab)NFT’, a collection of unique non-fungible tokens with a supply of ‘less than 420,421’, as expected these proved just as popular with collectors

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