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Equine Pioneer Drop

December finally brought perhaps the most anticipated project in CNFT history to the wallets of the community. Equine the upcoming Digital Horse racing and breeding, play to earn platform has proved immensely popular over the past few months. In fact, so much interest that the team behind the project decided to implement a not so commonly used tactic in the NFT space, an ‘Open Mint’. The method involves an unlimited amount of availability for a limited period of time. This rather unconventional way of releasing an NFT was to ensure adequate supply and a guaranteed mint for each and every member of the Equine community

Equine pioneer horse image

Minting began on the 18th of December and commenced exactly 24 hours later. Compared to most CNFT projects the mint price for the Pioneer Collection was exceptionally high at 250 ADA, however despite the high cost, from both a community and financial standpoint the whole mint was an outstanding success with over 14,000 Pioneer bundles being minted in total over the course of the 24 hours. Raising a substantial amount of ADA for the continued development of the project and its ecosystem.

Each Pioneer bundle contains 1 Horse, 1 Jockey and 1 Skin (either Horse or Jockey Skin). Each of these digital assets will be used in the upcoming game that is currently in development by Equine team and is scheduled for release over the course of 2022. Users of the platform will be able to play to earn, by racing and breeding unique digital horses with a highly detailed focus on both genetics and training.

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