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The first interactive NFT collection on Cardano, DEADPXLZ is an exciting innovative CNFT project, created by Adrian Fanatiu, aka ‘AF’. Minted back in May as a collection of 10,000 unique interactive collectibles on the Cardano blockchain and sold over the course of 3 seasons via an exceptionally designed, gamified drop system accessed directly on the project’s website. The mint price was originally 50ADA and since selling out the FLOOR price has steadily risen to well over 10 times that amount on the secondary market.


Each PXL is unique with varying types and attributes and is designed to be a major component in the upcoming game, enabling potential passive income for PXL owners in the future. Every PXL is interactive and responds to clicks and tap gestures to change various states such as expressions and display details, interactions can be made directly within and PXLZ can also be integrated on smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets much like a regular app is.

So far the team behind DEADPXLZ have developed a dedicated explorer allowing users to explore the full collection, with options to sort by Type, attributes, a dedicated PXL wallet, and a PXL Marketplace utilizing smart contracts for secure and transparent trading between the community.

The DEADPXLZ roadmap is where things start to get really interesting with plans for a fully fledged game experience, including the PXL FORGE where users we be able to forge a new type of PXL and genesis PXL holders will receive a share of the revenue and PXL Wars, a competitive Play 2 Earn PvP game for incorporating the Forged PXLZ. As well as other Pools designed to reward holders of genesis PXLZ in various ways.

To date DEADPXLZ has successfully collaborated with a number of other CNFT projects such as CypherKicks, a drop of 200 PXL themed digital sneakers which proved very popular, and sold out within minutes. On top of this, DEADPXLZ has recently been featured and interviewed by major Crypto influencer and content creator, Hashoshi.

DEADPXLZ Marketplace image

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