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cNFT CON 2021 Recap

Last month, the CNFT community came together to experience the first ever CNFT CON. Over the course of the 3-day event hundreds of viewers tuned in to watch as CNFT CON 2021, hosted by a team composed of BuffyBot, TheNeverEngine, withspaces and NickleYASSS, Also featured were some of the biggest projects in the space such as ClayNation and DEADPXLZ as they provided exclusive updates and exciting reveals regarding their projects.

We also got to find out the winner of the first CNFT CON Award, ‘CNFT Person of the Year’. The show as a whole was well received by the community, professionally conducted by the Team behind it and will no doubt be a mainstay in the annual calendars of the CNFT community for the foreseeable future

CNFT CON Award image

Along with the announcement of CNFT CON, the Legacy Pass was also unveiled. With a total mintage of 2,500 the Legacy Pass entitles holders to a host of Airdrops from some projects taking part as well as the option of discounts and early access to all future CNFT CON events.

The Snapshot for this year’s Airdrops was taken on the 30th of October, with the Airdrops beginning to be distributed a fews days later. Legacy Pass holders were Airdropped exclusive CNFT’s from projects including Yummi Universe, DEADPXLZ, and many more

This year’s event was hosted virtually via a mix of live streams and pre-recorded content, with the future events scheduled to take place in person in Las Vegas, Nevada. Smaug took home the well deserved prize of CNFT Person of the Year, a nice recognition to the amazing work put into developing Pool. pm, a piece of CNFT infrastructure used daily by almost everyone in the community

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