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Clay Mates recently revealed the roadmap for Clay Nation, perhaps the biggest CNFT project to date. This was announced in the form of the ‘Clay Paper’ a comprehensive report that takes a detailed look back at what they have achieved so far, as well as the future and what’s to come for this project and its community. This road map has been highly speculated and eagerly awaited by holders of Clay Mates CNFTs and was very well received by the vast majority in the space.

It starts by clarifying that holders of Clay Nations CNFTs also hold the fullcommercial rights to the respective 1 of 1 characters. This is something that is regularly assumed for all NFT projects, but is often not the case.

claynation whitepaper image

It then dives into what to expect from the project in the future including free 3d avatars for existing holders, ‘The Village’, virtual events, collaborations, merchandise and much more

There is too much for us to cover each topic in detail in this article so be sure to check out the Clay Paper for yourself on the Clay Nation website and keep your eyes peeled for these exciting developments to be implemented

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