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Clay Nation Takes New York

Back in November, Clay Mates, the team behind the ever popular CNFT project Clay Nation, announced an upcoming advertising campaign to raise awareness of their project and in turn the wider Cardano NFT space. The initial plan was to crowdfund in order to raise enough funds to pay for a Clay Nation advertisement on the side of 250 iconic London double-decker buses.

While the crowdfunding mission was a success, with much of the clay community coming together and raising the required funds, unfortunately through no fault of their own the team suffered a setback and the initial idea hit a road block. Despite being provisionally approved, the team soon received news that there would be some amendments that would need to made in order to allow the advertisement to go ahead, namely that the advertisement would need to include the following statement ‘NFTs are not regulated and that any investment can go ‘up or down’‘‘. Reluctantly, due to not believing the statement was necessary, the team agreed and everything looked to be back on track.

clay nation times square image

However, the hopes of the team and the Clay community were soon dashed once more, as they were now informed that the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) had launched an investigation into the advertising of Crypto Assets and NFTs, and that now the only way the campaign could go ahead would be if the ad were to be redesigned, removing all clay figures, characters, lettering or light-hearted material, understandably the team declined.

Nevertheless, good news was just around the corner, a somewhat iconic corner. The Clay Mates wasted no time in organizing an alternative campaign. This time the location was to be Times Square, New York. A Clay Nation animation to be displayed on the billboard positioned directly on the corner of the world-famous NASDAQ building.

The animation made its debut in an hour-long loop on the 10th December at 14:00 EST and returned on the 3rd of January and run for one more week. The team also participated in local meet ups with the community in London and New York over the festive period.

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