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CARDanobirds is the follow-up project from the team behind Roleggs, A deck of CNFT digital cards, representing 52 of the 1,500 endangered bird species facing extinction around the world, aimed at raising awareness for the endangered birds worldwide.

The team has poker tournaments planned for holders of 5 or more cards, with exclusive CNFT prizes for winners, including one of a kind mini Roleggs.

“Poker rules and class are the same as Texas Hold’em, except in tie situations where rarity of the cards will be used to decide the winner. Choose your cards carefully!”

CARDanobirds deck image

20% of the CARDanobirds profit will be donated to Rainforest Trust, who partners with local conservation organizations in order to protect land and biodiversity.

“1500 luxury cards will be minted on Cardano and given randomly to each collector. 4 different rarities from Common to Legendary are available for each card of the 52 deck”

Minting began on December 4th and will close on the 11th of January. With single cards priced at for 25 ADA and packs of 5 cards for 100 ADA. They are available to mint directly from the website

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