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Calaveras Collectors Club

Hello, my name is George from the UK, and I am both the artist and developer behind Calaveras Collector’s Club – an up and coming non-generative NFT project with cross-chain ambitions. I’m aspiring to bring NFT collectors from different ecosystems together in a single and united community.

The project features digitally handcrafted 3D Calaveras block sculptures, inspired by real-life Lego sets. These collectibles come in three rarity categories, with added utility for community members who manage to collect all three rarity variations of the same art piece.


The thing that I personally think makes Calaveras Collector’s Club stand out from other projects is that it doesn’t contain generative art, put together by a randomized computer script. All 3D skulls have been designed by me one at a time, rendered individually, with finishing touches being added where needed. This method doesn’t allow for a huge collection of thousands of NFTs, however, it offers a more exclusive end product.

As the name of the project implies, the focus is on attracting long-term collectors to our community. Although this is my first crack at managing an NFT collection, I have been a part of the NFT space for a fair amount of time and I fully understand the importance of building a strong and united community.

The journey starts on January 7 with a release of 200 NFTs on the Cardano blockchain, which will always be our home, however it is in the plans to have more limited drops on other ecosystems. Thus, we can have exposure to a wider audience, and hopefully we can bring some of that audience back to Cardano!

I have chosen to start the journey on the Cardano blockchain for several reasons. Firstly, because the low fees make NFTs accessible to those who otherwise wouldn’t be in a position to afford them. And furthermore, because I feel the NFT space on Cardano has been home to so many unique projects such as Claymates, Cypherkicks, Aeoniumsky among others. This is not a knock on Ethereum or Solana, but the creativity we constantly see on Cardano is in my opinion what makes it stand out so much

In conclusion, I am hopeful that the NFT space eventually moves on from floor price fixations, and that low supply, high quality digital art projects by independent artists begin to get some more appreciation down the line. There are now marketplaces specializing in that field, which is very promising and a step in the right direction!

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