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Ash & Tray CNFT Comic Strip

Ash and Tray are two mediocre guys in their fifties. The world has come a long way since their youth, but they haven’t.

Ash is 52 years old. He has all the ego of a 90s rock star but none of the talent. He works in a pub, lazily and reluctantly serving drinks and playing music on the turntable. He prides himself on not having played any record released after 1999. Tray is 53. You know that guy who uses a female avatar in online multiplayer

The project consists of a monthly comic strip. Ash & Tray episodes, about 6-7 panels long, for a total of 10 in the Season 1. All episodes are available as two different limited series:

Ash & Tray CNFT Comic Strip logo

– The Regular Edition is a 1000 units series with a mint cost of 10 ADA and includes the episode as a CNFT with a JPG cover and a PDF sub-file with the story.

– The Collector’s Edition is a numbered, 100 units series, with a mint cost of 40 ADA and includes the same episode, with an alternative cover and some extra content, as a NFT artwork and a short story featuring one of the characters, all these airdropped to holders during each month.

Recently, I added an option to subscribe to the whole season with one payment. It was a suggestion from one of Ash & Tray collectors and I implemented it with a rudimentary but effective method that consist of keeping track on an Excel file of subscribers that send the payment to a wallet I specifically created for that.

The season has a basic main plot which is summed up like this: “Ash and Tray have realized that there are people making money as YouTubers, and they want their piece of the cake.

That’s why they decided to create their own Late Night Live Show. Will their appeal and charisma be enough to succeed? Let’s see how they do!”

In each episode, the characters are seen broadcasting their home-made show, from its initial debut and throughout the season we will see how it evolves.

This is a project I’ve been working since the beginning of the pandemic. Then I didn’t know anything about NFTs, but I had a ton of sketches made and some storyboards. I was inspired by some real people I’ve met during the years and certain mentalities that I had never liked, some of them being very active on social media. I came up with the idea and the characters and soon the name for the project came to my mind, but didn’t know what to do with this for months, until late in the 2021 summer I began to learn about NFTs and eventually joined the Cardano Community, I created Pixelado as my artistic name and began to create some artworks, experiment and learn, learn and keep learning! Met some nice people and begin to work in great project, as I am now working as graphic designer in the Planetpalz project. And finally I worked hard to develop Ash & Tray as a CNFT project, and launched its first episode on December 2021. A small project with a great community which I am really enjoying! I have some ideas for the future of this project, like maybe a longer comicbook, maybe printed.. some artprints as well.. but for now, focused on the Season 1! I hope you like it, and thank you for reading!

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