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The Refresh - by ThisCrazyLife

I recently stumbled upon this project during its initial minting phase, and it immediately caught my attention due to a number of factors, most prominent of these was its uniqueness in the cnft space. The Refresh uses on chain code to create generative artworks that change each time the code it loaded (or page refreshed), meaning you never see the same image twice, if you forget to right-click, save it’s gone forever. I immediately knew this would be the perfect medium for its community and other artists to build upon and produce limitless derivative artwork from. Something that its community, The Refresh Gang have since proven to be true. Refreshes are made up of various elements. Gradients, Theme and Title. The Theme and Title are dictated by the number and type of Gradient’s within the refresh. These Gradients are the possible colours the produced image can contain.

The Refresh logo image

There are 54 Titles in total, Random8 being the rarest with only 25 in existence. Random’s can contain any combinations of gradients

The Refresh is the brainchild of cnft artist ThisCrazyLife, while not his first collection in the Blockchain, it is his best received so far, with the ThisCrazyLife community exploding since the announcement of the Refresh and attracting prominent collectors from across the cnft space. On top of this we have already seen a swath of spin-offs from the community mixing The Refresh with their own artist style to create a whole host of derivative art

The Refresh collection contains 10,000 cnft’s and was available to mint across three tiers of price at 12, 17 and 25 ADA. All 10,000 have now found homes in the wallets of collectors, however Refreshes’s can still be found on the secondary market (at below mint price) and ThisCrazyLife has plans for possible related collections in the future

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